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I've never even heard of people using them as 'sex' bracelets. I've heard them called it before but never actually used. Most people just use them as friendship bracelets or an acessory..
I wear two linked together everyday...normally black or red. This doesn't mean ANYTHING to me. I mean sometimes my friends and I will be stupid adn break each others...but we don't use it as more than a friendship thing..tying a knot in it for each person to help snap it making a wish as you knot it. It's stupid whoever is using them for sex.
by Brit December 23, 2003
when someone named bill trys to stick his friend named bob in your asshole in an act of robbing you..this act works when u are a street corner hooker. it is also the act of being sexually intamite with two men named bob and bill
dude last night bob got stuck the fuck up cindys ass...i couldnt get him out and when i pulled him i left a shoe up there she'll be walking stiff till that shit falls out GGG
by Brit April 26, 2003
"do you get what I am saying?"
person1: "ayo u get ma sizzle?"
person2: "ay fa sho!"
by Brit May 30, 2004
a girl with big boobs and a big ass but isnt pretty in the face. normally hoes.
"if u see a tip drill point out where she at point out where she at" the song by nelly
by Brit July 21, 2004
something from the past, sometimes from one's younger years, or the beginning of something.
"I used to play some ball back in the day."
"That team was actually good back in the day."
by Brit October 4, 2003
A loose ass girl who is about doing every and anything.
Similar to hoe
Me and my homeboys ran a train on the bout it last night.
by Brit March 5, 2005
something that falls out of the sky for no reason.
she jumped off that roof and fell like a helicopter
by Brit March 27, 2003