The term to "go ballistic" probably originates from guided missiles. A guided missle that loses it's lock will go ballistic, that is to say it becomes an unguided missile, likely to cause damage wherever it lands. Hence the use of ballistic to describe someone who has lost control and flown in a rage.
"You must keep the target inside the HUD or the missile will lose lock and go ballistic."

"If my mum finds my stash of porn she is gonna go ballistic."
by monster-munch December 18, 2007
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mad really mad whitty is mad his ballistic
lo fight whitty: leave me alone
overhead Whitty: BRO GO AWAY DUDE
by ballastic March 7, 2021
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(verb-to go ballistic, mostly a British term): to go berserk on someone/something.
mother: sons, I am gone to my hairdresser appointment, i don't want you to go ballistic on each other, I know you like to fight f-sag but please watch TV comme du monde.

older son: yes mom!.
by Sexydimma July 24, 2014
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When any object is thrown/catapulted/dropped or in any way made to hit a man's balls with painful intent, that object becomes ballistic.
Veronica: Hey Chris! *throws apple at Chris' testicles*

Chris: AHMAHGAWD!!!!!!

by Capital V October 24, 2007
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When something is just autotomas
Yo that was ballistic
by dontelistic July 3, 2018
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Fred went ballistic, and managed to punch 5 holes in the wall, in addition to throwing a microwave halfway across his house.
by silvergatlin October 1, 2003
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1. Of or relating to the trajectory of projectiles, their motion and/or effects. Used in circuses by clowns to properly gauge and define accurate custard pie throwing. Although rarely heard, ballistics are all around us. When we throw a broken bottle into the face of a policeman, we unconsciously use our acquired knowledge of ballistics to work out exactly how hard and high the throw must be to really mess up the bitch.

2. To be incredibly angry. See also furious and apeshit.
2. "Aw, I knew I shouldn't have thrown that bottle. Dad's gonna go ballistic when he finds out how much the bail is."
by Coaldrone January 24, 2004
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