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Irate is a very intricate word with only one main meaning. You use the word "irate" when you are extremely angry. Usually, you can use irate as a joke towards others, but normally it expresses your feelings when you are at the epitome of anger.
Alisha was so irate when Alyssa called her a slut.
by the magikal leprechaun December 08, 2005
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Similar to getting 'vexed' or angry/frustrated. Its an old(ish) word, and is generally used in a way of expressing your angriness at anything and everything.
Johnny: For fucks sake I'm so irate!
Jimbo: Why dude?
Johnny: Just found out I'm adopted

Max: Give me my hat back before I throw my bellend in your eyes, you don't want to see me irate!
by Grommmmm February 03, 2013
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Irate is a statement of high appreciation of the person, people, article or event, expressed as an unquantified ranking value, by a poorly educated person.
Examples: “Irate that woman”, “Irate her mates”, “Irate that car” and “Irate your mum’s cooking
by Peter Glum December 16, 2007
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Guy: I rate this party will be great!

Guy2: I think it will be too!
by durbanite August 21, 2017
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