Irate is a very intricate word with only one main meaning. You use the word "irate" when you are extremely angry. Usually, you can use irate as a joke towards others, but normally it expresses your feelings when you are at the epitome of anger.
Alisha was so irate when Alyssa called her a slut.
by the magikal leprechaun December 9, 2005
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a condition one suffers from when you lose and can not accept the fact that you have lost.
guy1: this guy just lost a TDM and is now complaining that it was his teams fault

guy2: hes suffering from irateness, wonder how long hes gonna keep crying like a little bitch
by matt101 October 5, 2014
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The rasta way of using the word creation. The letter i is used to refer to god, and all people. In rasta culture i is used to denote god, you, me, and everyone or i, i, i, and i.
Zion is a state of mind, its iration comes from i.
by Samira Fooska December 31, 2009
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The most amazing band ever. They make really good reggae music. They are not that popular but their fans are true. The album Time Bomb is sick. Check out their songs like Summer Nights, Time Bomb, Falling, Let Me Inside, No Letter etc.
Dude, did you hear the new song by Iration?

Yeah man i got totally high to it.
by lovemusiclife. July 15, 2011
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The sensibly unique creature with full of passion, love and kindness and independence. Someone who forgives but never forgets. Lucky to have. Full of humour and happiness. Easy going, generous and chaotic . Basically a full package of emotions and enthusiasm.
Irat, you wanna join the party tonight?

Irat is a part in her own self.
by Elegant mess October 14, 2020
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pron.(i-rai-tion)a)The Rastafarian state of mind, from which, one is absent of the world, but within the self;only to be achieved by inhaling holy smoke.

Snoop Dog:"The blunt smells so good, that I cant wait to feel the iration! Foshizzle? My nizzle?"

"The iration I got from those special brownies was intense!"
by Rastafarian559 February 11, 2009
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