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to murder by a sudden and/or secret attack often for political reasons. usually prompted by religious, ideological, political, or military motives. Additionally, assassins may be prompted by financial gain, revenge for perceived grievances, a desire to acquire fame or notoriety
Person 1 - What is assassination? Is it possible to assassinate yourself.

Person 2 - No.

Person 1 - Why?

Person 2 - Because that would be suicide and suicide is pre-mediated, not sudden. Assassins are prompted when there is something to gain. What would you gain if you killed yourself.

Person 1 - Nothing

Person 2 - Exactly
by yourewrong March 08, 2011
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Maury Povich: Oh no, my donkey died.

Oprah: Damn, man. Ass-assination is always tough.
by GenericSusan19 October 12, 2017
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A nation that is sassy.
Joe: That trip was fun, but did you see how sassy the people were?
Bob: I know man that place was a ducking assassination.

Bob: yea, that was an assassination.
by Chjdghxfhjdgk November 20, 2014
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To sit or attempt to sit on someones head or face with your bare ass. Best done skinny dipping at night with your friends.

Thanx to stympi for this one!
Assassination. Did you see that, stympi just assassinated jaz?
by Crazybread October 16, 2006
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1. an alcholic beverage that tase like cinnamon

2.what happens to you are your family if you cross "iceman"

3. the act of having sex with a breezy and hittin it hard enough so she has problems walking straight
1. you ask the bartender for an assassination

2. yo i got the video of iceman's assassination of ol' boy lastnight at the club

3. if you go home with a member of Hotsuey they'll put an assassination on that ass
by Shawndarius April 10, 2005
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When someone's ass is so fucking thicc that it kills you
Joe: bruh an ass-assination attempt happened to me last night and it worked because of Sydney's ass
Tyrone: yeah makes sense she thicc as hell
by Lipanda March 17, 2018
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