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A Kennedy is one of a kind, With her you get everything, beauty and a unique personality. Her smile can make your day instanstly, her voice makes you want to just listen for hours. She is one you can be mad at but still love, one you just want to wrap your arms around at night and fall asleep with, one you just want to hold on to forever. 2 days is all you need to fall in love with this girl as a friend and a lover. She complains about being fat but in fact beautiful. She is so needed, you can't fall asleep without hearing her voice at night, or start a day without waking up to her voice, so needed, you can't last a minute with out her. A Kennedy is a really busy person, appreciate every short little moment you spend with her. If you're lucky enough to have her, you should never let her go. Cherish her all you can, leave everything and give her the attention, be with her when she needs you. Overall, she is one perfect girl.
I Love you BabyBunch :*
by Shy Is Mine June 01, 2014
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Kennedy is an amazing person who will always be there for. If your a fake friend I would back off because she might threaten but she is too nice to beat you up. She will just cry and cry because you left her in the dirt and you will eventually feel horrible for it. Kennedy is very very beautiful and trust me she will deny but she is. If you do something for her she will do the same for you or something better. She is the best friend, sister, or just person you will ever meet. The boys might not admit it but they all want Kennedy! Once again just telling you she is the best person EVER, bitchy or not.
OMG did you see Kennedy's outfit today, its so pretty!
by Angie(best friend) January 07, 2018
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Kennedy is someone who's loved by many. She knows how to get her way no matter what. She is shy yet very spunky and considered to be very attractive. She's smart and quick witted. Kennedy is also someone not to be messed with
Man Kennedy sure knows how to get her way
by lovebitter0802 February 27, 2017
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Kennedys are fun to be around and are absolutely gorgeous! You will never want to look away! You always want to be around kennedys. They are smoking hot and unforgettable. You would be very lucky to date a kennedy.
I wish I could date kennedy, shes gorgeous, but way out of my league...
by i only tell the truth May 23, 2016
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Kennedy's are very unforgetable. They are known for being shy yet secretly funny at times. They know how to make you smile and are very hard to stay mad at. Kennedys are said to become very successful in life. Kennedys are known for being original. They are leaders not followers. Kennedys are very smart yet they can be sometimes known for being slackers.
That Kennedy is really something.
by kidcoddieson April 08, 2011
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Kennedy is a girl that is easy to talk to and even easier to love. Kennedy is super beautiful and super smart, except she can't tell that you want to be more than friends because she too busy dealing with some other douche bag. Kennedy is just about the best girl to be involved with. I love you kenny
Kennedy is the most beautiful girl I know. I love Kennedy.
by Colettep September 25, 2015
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Kennedy is the tallest most beautiful person ever! She is so sweet and kind! She wants the best for everyone. She’s been through so much but that’s what makes her so strong! She has bones or steel! She has a very tender side to her that she doesn’t really ever show. But if she does you have to be her shoulder. She’s very smart. She rarely asks for help but if she does HELP HER! She cares so much about others. She hates very few people and if you are one of those you have made a terrible mistake! She would never wish wrong for someone. She is definitely a goody-goody. She’s very reliable and loyal. If you tell her a secret there’s not way she’ll tell ANYONE! It takes a while to break her out of her shell but once you do there is nothing you won’t love about her!
Oh my gosh, Kennedy is so tall!
by Ryleebear3 December 30, 2018
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