Worth means how much something means to something 💕🥺
Worth is For example, you!! You might not think you are at a certain moment but trust you are :)) soo many people at the moment love you right now and what your going through right now will get better💕 trust me been there, done that soo don’t give up. The future has soo many good things waiting for you soo be patient and be happy ,love you sm!! ~ BY MARI
by Mari🥺 February 7, 2020
To be worth, verb
Used to describe something that is worthwhile doing i.e seeing a concert, watching a TV show, going to an event...etc.
A: Are you coming to the show tonight?
B: maybe...is it worth?
A: of course it's worth!!
B: alright I'll be there
by Codyrocksmysocks December 4, 2015
Sarcastic for "Yeah Nice One"
Used when someone doesn't do you the slightest of favors or when someone does something so stupid that they should of known not to do it because it was so blatantly dumb!
You: "Sean, can i borrow a quid off ya till later?" Sean: "Nah!" You: "Worth!"

"oh Sean, so your driving past the the shop on ya way home! Sweet can i grab a lift and jump out at the shop then yeah?" Sean: "Nah"
You: "Worth!"

Tone didnt fill out his job search for the job centre yesterday, the one thing he has to do that takes about 4 minutes once a fortnight, and they stopped his money!
by Phatzoot June 16, 2011
by fu May 16, 2003
U need to leave and go find someone better. Ur better than them and they r worthless.
Their not worth it you can do so much better
by depressed life December 8, 2017
adj. socialite/carefree/party girl/ditz slang for describing the act of being of some purpose to society or anything for that matter. Implicit by the grammatically erroneous nature of the word (since it's not a real word...yet) is the innocent, fun-loving naiveity that is often associate with a socialite or fun-loving party hopping individual, etc. To be worthful means to be productive, to be person of substance, for however short a period of time.

Related words: non-worthful, adj. To be non-worthful is to behave in ways that are of now value to anyone yourself included. non-worthful behavior includes drinking a 40 on a weekday morning, clubbing 5 nights a week, shopping sprees in the middle of exams, etc. etc.
Here's to another night of non-worthful partying baby!

Hey bitches, cant make dinner at Butter because i need to be worthful in the library for like 3 hours, but i'll meet up with you at aer. xoxo.

let's do something worthful for like an hour and then start drinking.
by llrb November 22, 2005
Usually used to describe an event where bad things happened but the end result was positive. Used as a stand alone phrase.
Friend: Dude, I you totally threw up on the roller coaster!
You: Worth it!
by Blackzmyth October 11, 2007