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The Masuda Method is a popular method of shiny hunting in the Pokemon community. It was developed by Junichi Masuda to encourage trading with players around the world. The shiny hunting method was, therefore, named after him by the community.
The most common instance of Masuda Method (often abbreviated to MM Breeding) is a foreign Ditto being put in the daycare, breeding with whatever other Pokemon the player has (often) caught themselves. Breeding a Pokemon from another country like Germany, China, or Japan, with another Pokemon not from that country will boost the odds of finding a shiny Pokemon.
"I've been shiny hunting like crazy this past weekend. I Masuda Method bred for a shiny Bulbasaur and got it within the first 30 eggs!"
by BooBooKeys March 01, 2021
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The scum and grease of any given social media site will eventually funnel its way into a subreddit. Reddit is a popular social media site characterized by its user base, a load of fat morons who scroll through r/dankmemes, start flame wars, and gorge themselves on pizza rolls.
Reddit users boast about the amount of karma they have: worthless internet points based off comments, posts, and likes (known as upvotes.) They will incessantly make fun of users who haven’t acquired ridiculous masses of karma, bragging about how they spend 25 hours a day doing nothing but upvoting posts to feel validation from the unfeeling code that displays all the karma they have generated.
Reddit occasionally contains the helpful post. However, further investigation of said helpful Reddit post will disappoint you. Every fucking time there’s an argument in the comments.
If you’ve ever engaged in a Reddit flame war, you know what it’s like. Bickering, whining, and insults back and forth all day and all night. Make sure “you’re” grammar is on par with Robert Frost, or “your” going to find your head rolling across the floor, sliced clean off by a neckbeard and the D&D sword he probably can’t use. Any argument, and I mean the most water tight, bulletproof shit can and will be shot down if you so much as misspell a single word.
Reddit has no other demographic than the morbidly obese manchild who lives down the street.
Reddit is the least fun place on the internet.
Redditor: I spent 7 hours on the toilet yesterday browsing r/irony and r/dankmemes!!!!!
Doctor Penis: That’s wonderful. Go to sleep now it’s time for your gastric bypass. Maybe you’ll drop a couple hundred pounds.
by BooBooKeys January 04, 2021
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A sad ass weeb who can’t get no pussy so they let bitches walk all over their ass for even the slightest increase of a chance of obtaining pussy.
These motherfuckers love e-girls like Belle Delphine and will forfeit their annual salary and all mortal possessions to the e-girl in question’s Patreon, then proceed to shit and piss all over the place when their username is mentioned on Twitch.
Watch out for these mofos. They’re SUCKERS IDOLIZING MEDIOCRE PUSSY.
Belle Dolphin: Thank you so much XxOtaku_swagM4ST4_69xX for the donation of your annual salary!
The Simp: I piss and shit and cum all over the place because I am a SIMP.
by BooBooKeys December 22, 2019
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Typically an 8th grade girl that was the love child of Snapchat and Tumblr. This species of little shit can be seen at your local Starbucks with a metal straw, a scrunchie, a signature Hydroflask, and a big crater on the side of their head. Visco girls obtained their name from the godawful social media application Visco, which is really just a shittier Instagram. Visco girls are extremely dangerous, as their general idiocy is stored in glands in their mouth that is released as a lethal toxin. Occasionally the toxin will lay dormant, however, when a Visco girl makes their trademark mating calls, “Sksksksksk” or “And I oop”, the toxin is excreted and kills anyone within a 50 foot distance of the Visco girl. Stay very very very far away.
God: Please look out, my children. There is a visco girl in your general vicinity.
Visco girl: Sksksksksk What a mood!
(There is no ending to the aforementioned dialogue as everyone is dead. Yes. Even god.)
by BooBooKeys September 01, 2019
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Twitter is an absolute dumpster fire. From the moment you create an account to the final seconds before you delete it and free yourself from hell online, there is literally no end to the grease stains who use the site.
For one thing you have the SJWs, the migrants from Tumblr who follow their favorite porn artists and leave an absolute wreck wherever they go. They're condescending, over-analytical, and wouldn't know how to shut the fuck up if it backhanded them.
Then you have the porn artists they followed to Twitter in the first place. It takes manpower to analyze every photo or video that goes onto adult sites to make sure it's not illegal. Either Twitter has no moderation at all or it is entirely directed at shit that doesn't need moderating, because the sheer volume of NSFW work that goes unchecked is impressive and upsetting.
And then you have people who should have no platform at all on the grounds that they are extremely problematic and are just nasty people in general. Actual pedophiles are allowed a platform to the dismay of normal people who would immediately remove said platform. You've got your racists and homophobes on the site, too, as with every site that allows people to write things, but what makes Twitter stand out is its inability to give a fuck.
An average day on Twitter is the symbolic equivalent of taking a watery shit into a Boeing 757's engine, then laughing in delight as it sprays at anything and everything it can cover.
Twitter User: I love Twitter because I can find groups to hang out with, such as the MAP community and the DSMP fandom!
The average individual with a working frontal lobe: Shut the fuck up
by BooBooKeys June 27, 2021
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Prime meme material. Using the word Shaggy often implies the popular meme of January 2019 in which Shaggy from the Scooby Doo franchise is displayed as a god that wouldn’t have to use x% of its power to destroy the universe and all its creation. As of the latter half of 2019, Shaggy is often used in memes made by “No Instanormie” Redditors who use memes that have been beat the fuck to death, such as Area 51 memes, Big Chungus, the CEO of Rascism, and Thanos.
“No Instanormies” Redditor: Wow! This is just like when Shaggy used 2% of his power to gain the N Word Pass that let him storm Area 51 and rescue Big Chungus from the CEO of Racism!
Anybody in earshot of Redditor’s statement: You’re drooling again, Redditor.
by BooBooKeys September 01, 2019
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A common term within the Pokemon community who actively searches for shiny Pokemon, rather than just happening by them.
Shiny Hunters, myself included, will utilize multiple strategies and methods to maximize their odds of finding a shiny. Most of the time, that "method" involves pressing the same fucking buttons over and over for hours for a Pokemon that gives no advantages. The only special fucking thing about shiny Pokemon is that they're a different color. That's it.
Shiny Hunters face scrutiny for doing the same thing for hours, days, weeks, even years at a time for a goddamn Mewtwo to be green instead of purple. Many non Shiny Hunters are confused by the notion of Shiny Hunting, as it seems like a waste of time, and a quick self-analysis would show that they're probably too impatient to get into shiny hunting, anyways. However, most Shiny Hunters came from that group of people, and eventually became so numb to bullshit RNG that they mindlessly turn their game on and off over and over like it's no big deal.
"Is the author of the Shiny Hunter definition actually a Shiny Hunter?"
"That's what I heard. Apparently they spent 7 months soft resetting their game 15,532 times for a shiny Nihilego."
"What a fucking loser."
by BooBooKeys March 01, 2021
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