An asian name. Most likely known to be Japanese, but in my case, Bengali.
It's a very unique name with many definitions. People who have this name have very creative naming parents. Nonetheless, Masuda is the bestest friend you can ask for =)
"Guy: Heeeeey.. who's that? ;)
Girl: I think that's Masuda!!!!!"
by kawaiiASIAN March 19, 2009
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masuda is a name typically for girls

masuda is the most loving person you will ever meet! she is very sweet and if you ever have a problem you will always go to her if you have a masuda in your life you are very lucky
guy 1: i miss masuda

guy 2: i miss her too she’s my best friend
by i am a god November 13, 2019
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The Masuda Method is a popular method of shiny hunting in the Pokemon community. It was developed by Junichi Masuda to encourage trading with players around the world. The shiny hunting method was, therefore, named after him by the community.
The most common instance of Masuda Method (often abbreviated to MM Breeding) is a foreign Ditto being put in the daycare, breeding with whatever other Pokemon the player has (often) caught themselves. Breeding a Pokemon from another country like Germany, China, or Japan, with another Pokemon not from that country will boost the odds of finding a shiny Pokemon.
"I've been shiny hunting like crazy this past weekend. I Masuda Method bred for a shiny Bulbasaur and got it within the first 30 eggs!"
by BooBooKeys March 01, 2021
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