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An enormously muscular guy who cannot hold a conversation about anything other than weight-lifting and protein shakes. Gets upset very quickly when he cannot complete his own sentences and thoughts. Can be found at nightclubs wearing shirts that are 10 sizes too small (if at all). They are by far the most closely related human beings to that of apes, chimpanzees, and other primate. They are evolutionary hindered and are less capable of following directions than my dead hampster.
by Bone May 03, 2003
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exessive money used to buy up all the good properties, commodities, and public services. everywhere we land now, we have to pay.
at least bill gates set up the gates foundation with some of his monopoloy money. apples are still better, though.

george bush used his monopoly money to buy out the us government, and he'll do it again.

mtv is just as bad as the record labels at using its monopoly money to drown out all the good indie music.
by Bone December 08, 2003
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One of the coolest TV shows of its time.
I want them to bring back Monster Rancher and show all three seasons uncut!
by Bone February 15, 2004
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a condom, yea... a condom, could also mean a compact disc,...but i'll say its a condom
i was so drunk i forgot to use a cd
by Bone July 20, 2004
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Cockjockery is the basic behavior engaged in by people who are termed "cockjockeys." These cockjockeys are similar to their distant cousins, horse jockeys, but while jockeying horses is a strenuous sport and a demanding career, jockeying cocks is mainly an unnecessary exercise in personal degradation and worthless intercourse. It's similar to asshattery and is often confused with it, but there are certain earmarks which distinguish the two, the most common being the desire to loopback the offender in the case of cockjockery, as opposed to the desire to administer a lensmanning/goatseing in the case of asshattery.

Please keep in mind that this is almost never used interchangeably with buttsechs, which can be a physical expression of two people's deep and abiding love for one another.
The cockjockery routinely indulged in by that prissy little bitch is beyond belief.
by Bone July 20, 2004
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Literal Italian translation is "good pussy." This term should be used when talking about girls when in their presence. If you don't want to blunt and talk about how hot some bitch is...just say she's a buona figa.
"That's some serious buona figa right there...damn I want to tap that ass!"
by Bone May 03, 2003
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