Also a customer in a shop/establishment.
-shopkeep:"see what those punters want while i attend to this lady"
by i_s_t_h_a_t_m_y_t_i_e_? March 1, 2004
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in the UK it is also a person who gambles (risk money on guessing the results or outcome of something).
Bookies are offering all their favorite punters 2 to 1 odds on the boxing match tonight.
by Lisa Lorraine November 20, 2017
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One who visits brothels.

However in polite company, one who bets (on horce races), or visits your retail establishment.
Thw Whore House is full of Whores and Puters
by BigDipper November 2, 2003
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Someone who is ill-informed and liable to be taken advantage of. A sucker who lacks inside knowlege or savvy.
I felt like a right punter when I was at the carnival in Rio last year. Every taxi driver, shopkeeper, vendor and hustler in town had their hand in my pockets.
by Vegas_Malone March 5, 2008
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The guy who has all the gear and talks like he nails shit, but actually sucks. You may see the punters in the lodge talking about how sick their day was while sippin their latte's and waiting for their SUV's to warm up.
"That guy sure talked a lot of smack, but he turned out to be a punter."
by west-coast December 19, 2004
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(In the world of professional skiing, ski racing, selected freestyle skiers, upper-level alpine skiing, those skiers 'in the know')
A lower-class skier. A skier that cannot ski a blue or black ski run. A certain breed of skier frowned upon by other skiers that know what they are doing. Often wears the 'punter uniform' consisting of a jacket from the 60's, jeans tucked into ski boots, a baseball cap and sunglasses or a neckwarmer worn as a hat. If this describes you, go away.
Also, all snowboarders.
"Look at that guy who just crashed! What a punter!"
"Where did you learn to ski? You're such a punter!"
by Alexandra Banks June 12, 2008
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Someone who parties like an animal; also refers to clubbers.
"There were over 50,000 punters at this rave I went to last weekend."
by BONE May 4, 2003
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