Boy we smoked 8 loud blunts, you know I was OTS .

MY nigga you off the shits

You off the shits breh

I'm tryna get ots . you wanna match ?
by Kiddoe Kwasiee February 20, 2014
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On the set means your putting something on your gang,clique or set it's like putting something on your mom but on the set
Nigga ots I was finnesed the plug for a pound
by Prinve patron December 14, 2018
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Plain & simple - OTS is Off that Shit ! Or "on one".
Wow, look at him go ! He's OTS for sure !
by Jayare a.k.a. goo1z May 28, 2007
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One Take Session. To record a video or audio clip in one continuous take without any cuts.

Gabe Bondoc does many OTSs on youtube.
Gina: "I want people to know that I can actually sing well without studio effects and autotune."

Zack: "Then let's do an OTS of a song you want to sing and put it on our youtube channel."
by youmakemyslackstighter July 11, 2010
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On The Side

Meaning having a person on the side other than your significant other.
"Wow Mike is taking a very long lunch today with his OTS."
by infestacool February 5, 2009
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