Latios sister and my favorite Dragon Pokemon. Kind of looks like a pink and white jet plane with eyes. She has Psychic abilities which allows her to see through her brothers eyes and become invisible. She can also take on the form of a human.
Latias! Use Dragon Claw!
by Bone April 27, 2004
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Easily one of the best pokemon in the world Latias is an elegant and spectacular and has a great golden shiny variant.
Man i just love Latias
by NotAwkward July 26, 2019
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Too big of a heart and she attracts broken people and tries to fix them are do. She is very intelligent, very bold. Don't make her mad she will fuck you up. She is very forgiving, maybe too much and she is super loyal so if you get one keep her. The nice body they are typically short, good in bed, and will treat you right. They will spoil you to death if you treat them right
LaTia - hii
Me- she is hot
by Tia story November 23, 2021
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Very big-hearted sometimes a little too big, very forgiving. She has been through a lot and has been hurt a lot. She attracts broken people most of the time she finds herself trying to fix everything and everyone. She is bold and beautiful and she is crazy so don't fuck with her. Very intelligence. If you get her don't lose her she I very loyal and will do anything for the person she is with.
LaTia- nice
by Tia story November 23, 2021
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a very kind hearted girl who attracts many boys, latia always tries her hardest to be funny but half the time fails, she thinks she is better than everyone but has a smoking body with a flawless face. In public many boys whistle at her because she is so gorgeous, she is very good in bed and loves orange toothbrushes.
Latia - hey guys I'm so hot.
Guys - wow your off tap.

latia - haha I know ;)
by yourveryugly_ October 9, 2014
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