1. Short for "effects", often used by stage setup roadies and in the sound/light business.
1. a box is labeled "BLUE FX"
by chillinvillain October 09, 2005
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A cable network owned by Fox (in fact, the cable equivalent of Fox) best known in recent years for its cutting-edge shows...such examples are Nip/Tuck, The Shield, and Rescue Me, which have stockpiled various deserving awards with its HBO-class plots. It makes any ABC drama (Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, etc.) or CBS' CSI franchise look G-rated in comparison.
ABC viewer: Wow, I never thought you could watch this kind of show (Desperate Housewives) on terrestrial TV.
Channel surfer: So you enjoyed it?
ABC viewer: Yes.
Channel surfer: That's why cable is the 1-2 punch.
ABC viewer: I don't get it. How do you know?
Channel surfer: FX is even better...The Shield would make CSI look geriatric.
ABC viewer: (ecstatic enough to allow 'channel surfer' to switch over to FX)
Channel surfer: (switches to FX)
by K Stan June 08, 2007
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short for Fax or facts.
Person one: yo straight up FX that girl over there can get it

Person two:yeah you right
by pseudonymity69 December 30, 2018
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The most REAL network on cable.
Rescue Me, The Shield and Nip/Tuck are all great shows and all are on FX...
by K Stan July 02, 2007
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effect,sumthing caused by sumthing
Wtf,the 3D fx is so real.
by yan November 28, 2003
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An extremely large land mammal that live in dark places (such as caves and under rocks). Often acts aggressive to others that it feels are invading its territory.
Female Hiker: Whoa! I tried to look in that cave but the FX inside tried to bite my head off!
by somebody August 10, 2004
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