41 definitions by Bob the Builder

A man who likes purses
That d00d h4x at q3 just liek pursan!!!1
by Bob the Builder November 19, 2002
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This is a three-foot, long, thin, metal, spring contraption with claw on the end of it. When the end opposite of the claw is depressed the magnetic claw grasps stuff. It is supposed to be used by a mechanic to pick up stuff (i.e. bolts, screws, nuts) dropped in hard to reach areas in a vehicle. However, I liked playing with this thing around the house when I was little and my dad used to call it a pussy snapper. I guess it could be used for that but it would hurt like fucking hell.
I lost a screw and I need the pussy snapper to get it.
by Bob the Builder January 04, 2005
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a car that cst $5000 to by brand nw but cost almost $100,000 to make it even close to running 10 seconds
hey look that ricer got fucked p oh at least mine wont cost as much to fix
by Bob the Builder May 12, 2003
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a woman/man whom attempts the understanding of makeup
-whats that thing with the lipstick on her eyes
- oh thats nailz
by Bob the Builder July 01, 2003
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A fansubbing group of lazy pedos.
Located in IRC #animeone
by Bob the Builder January 04, 2004
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