A word often used by pirates to address friends, aquaintences, or the scurvy low lifes who mopped the deck. Often used in succession with Arr.
Arr, matey, thar be ye booty!
Arr, matey, ye shivers me timbers!
Arr, matey, walk the plank!
by tainted December 30, 2005
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Matey is a word that, on the face of it, sounds very friendly but, on the other hand with vocal inflection can be used to sound quite the opposite.
1 - "ay-up Jim 'ows it goin' matey"?

2 - Poor old Jim trying to get some kip on a train near Birmingham in the UK keeps getting woken up by some young Yid Geezer singing. "Oy you wouldn't be so fucking happy if this were 1943 on the Reichsbahn matey"!
by swineyvee October 9, 2006
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A word used by northern people (From Reading)
by Essex March 21, 2006
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a derogatory term used by mostly ageing cougars who think they can pull better than whats in front of them. In this circumstance it is regarded as an insult considering the person who says it is most likely A: 40 something with a hallway vagina, or B: really fat. However the same word used in a sentence by a pirate or bikie with a beard is actually a colloquial form of communication among mateys.
shopkeep lady: what can i get you matey?
me: matey? bitch you better check your fucken respect levels, fuck you, you old bitch i'll buy my smokes at the tabbacconist.

pirate: arr matey we are gunna rape and pillage til our dicks fall off from inventing stds.
me: cheers bro
by pickleton hater February 9, 2011
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Matei is Matt or Matthew in English translated from Romanian. Usually the name of a smoking hot Romanian with spiked hair, and usually very cocky. Great guy and very funny!
Wow, Matei is a super hot guy! I really like his leather jacket.
by Jerkoi January 11, 2012
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A not that cool guy but he can attract 90% of girls that ever lived on this planet even dinosaurus
Man1:Man that Matei fucked my wife so hard
Man2:I know man that guy fucked my daughter
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Slang with a penis that's anything larger than 9 inches. The term is derived from a viral YouTube co-host who's multiple "bulge" photos make fans believe his penis is abnormally large.
Brice: Hey, man. I accidentally saw you get out of the shower. Nice Matei bro!
Mike: I know.
by Matt Actual October 23, 2015
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