The area between your ball sac and your butt hole.
If you took a shit in the woods and whiped your ass with a stick, you might get sap on your gouch.
by Mike Hawk March 18, 2003
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N: The area posterior to the scrotal sac and anterior to the anal sphincter.
That goddamn boy just can't stop scraching his gouch.
by Fred "candiass" Parsons August 5, 2003
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the space between this balls and the asshole is the gooch, not the gouch.
if you think gooch is spelled g-o-u-c-h, you are a moron.
by Long Island August 14, 2004
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The mild state of unconsciousness experienced whilst under the influence of the drug heroin
That gear was amazing, I had such a good gouch on it.
This gear is amazing, I'm gouching like fuck!
by Pugman March 22, 2008
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Is the initial(wiped out)stage you experience immediately after administering a heroine injection.
by Relain September 18, 2005
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the piece of that connects your butt hole and your balls
(can b smell and sweaty occasionally)
1.James a boy who i know who everyone calls gouch.
2.O boy johnny my gouch is mighty sweaty after that games of ball.
3.My gouch is very hairy i love it sometimes i even get it braided.
by anonomusjake June 14, 2008
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you stupid assholes its "gooch". its pronounced with a long o sound, not 'gowch'
johnny knoxville and crew named a golf cart "gooch" in jackass the movie
by bitches please March 29, 2004
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