Crack Fiend originated during the Hawaiian industrial revolution. It was used to describe the workers who had become addicted to crack due to poor working environments. Therefore, crack fiend has been passed down through the generations of Hawaiians and has morphed into a new meaning. It now is used to describe annoying people, as well as people addicted to crack. And sometimes, it is used to describe people who wish they were addicted to crack.
by Bob the Builder September 08, 2004
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-one who REALLY likes the crack
-a homosexual
Those crack fiends sodomized my cat and stole my car stereo.
by wot R u lookin at?? September 08, 2005
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A person who is deemed to be crazy or insane by other people
Lee James is a crack fiend

Look at that crack fiend run in circles. What a fookin idiot
by Grommit mug May 31, 2021
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