the common term used to describe the capacity of V8 engines in holdens, generally commodores, in an imperial measurement - cubic inches, due to australia having ties to imperial measurements prior to the mid 1960s, in metric terms it equates to around 5 litres
my VT commodore has a 308 which kills VL turbos down at calder
by aussieashcroft October 9, 2007
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a very famous caliber in firearms. adopted by NATO for use in sniper rifles and heavy machine guns. the same league as an 7.62*54mm and 30.-06 rounds
dam the .308 dropped that guy like a sack of hammers
by gabe July 7, 2003
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Founded in Opus Room 308 at St. Mary’s College, Club 308 was originally just an appartment. From there, a lifestyle emerged — merch was purchased, mugshots were taken, athletic teams gathered, and friendships were formed. Known as the birthplace of the original snighty, Club 308 is known for being open to all, extreme kleptomaniacs, full of athletes and viruses, and always being DTS. Never underestimate the power of Club 308 and their influence on St. Mary’s College campus.
Me: “Guys, we got Club 308!!”
Lindsey: “Time to buy merch
by Realuzi May 17, 2022
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The 8th suite on the third floor of an apartment block. Stereotypically, these suites will ALWAYS have a fat chick with a boyfriend who is at least 8 years older than her who has a weak-ass pull-out game. As a result of said pull-out game, this suite will also have one kid that is his and one kid that is hers. The failure of a father is unnecessarily loud because he thinks his kids like it; without realizing that he’s high key traumatizing them for life with shitty parenting. Apartment 308 is known for having residents that still believe in high school shit such as promise rings and Disney movies, along with thinking that having 5 different girlfriends and 3 different jobs over the last 10 years is considered as successful. The fat chick 95% of the time is only in it for the money as she is fully aware that the degree path she chose to get was useless and can’t hold down any sort of job whatsoever, seeing as something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs is viewed as overexertion to her.
Hi Caretaker, I’d like to file a noise complaint.

“Is it Apartment 308 again?”

“*sigh* alright”
by TheAlwaysCorrect1 December 18, 2021
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best car on planet earth, amazing style, great engine, and smokes everything with a 1.6l engine running 270 hp, 330nm of torque, 8% drivetrain loss and only weighs 1.2 tonne. This car is next level
Look at that 308 gti, that would smoke you.
by 308 gti May 27, 2020
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Holden's most produced pushrod debued in the HT series in 1969. This would be Holdens largest V8 produced excluding the HDT (Holden Dealer Team) V8's. Producing a whopping 210 horsepower ish. Often referred to as a "three oh" the engine became an Aussie icon and thr catch phrase "never late in a three oh eight" was born. After 1974 the motor was choked up by emissons laws in Australia and became almost gutless. The 308 was later destroked to an injected 304 and became on of Australia's popular bogan hoon V8s along side replacement for the inline 6 buick 3.8 v6
"Oh s**t it's a 308"
"Yea mate I just stuck a three oh in the ute"
Definition: The 308 v8 is a Holden pushrod 5 litre V8 produced in 1969
by Hejajfkald January 15, 2018
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