72 definition by BlackPohatu

Means to stop it,stop harassing someone.
Cut it out.Why won't just leave me alone?
by BlackPohatu October 20, 2016

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When someone is taking about a person,how is expecting him, and finally he arrives.
Speak of the devil,I've been waiting for you for a long time.Where have you been?
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by BlackPohatu January 01, 2017

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To look a litlle bit at something or someone.
Edward,I want you take a peek at the drawers.See if you can find some ice bags.
by BlackPohatu October 26, 2016

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To move someone in the wrong direction,also to confuse him.
Oh man.I think that guy misleaded me.
by BlackPohatu September 08, 2016

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To pay someone a casual visit.
I don't like to drop in on my parent's flat.
by BlackPohatu October 02, 2016

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Someone is really irritated or annoyed,ill tempered.
Just ignore her,she gets crabby every year.
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by BlackPohatu October 02, 2016

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It means forever,always.
We will be friends until the end of time.
by BlackPohatu September 04, 2016

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