A young female (or woman of any age) that takes the virginity of multiple men. Much as the farmer's fertilizer helps grow new plants, a woman known as a fertilizer will grow the sexual exploits of many men.
"She has been with so many men that she's like fertilizer."
"I am now a man, I have been with a fertilizer."
by K-Why August 23, 2007
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1. Shit that is rich in nutrients
2. Someone who fertilises egg-cells
3. Guru of fertilizer: The king of the fertilizer people
4. FANTA: Fertilise and never touch again.
"You are a fertileizer: haha"
"Yes you fertilize plants and I fertilise egg-cells"
"No i'm the guru of fertilizer I have more minerals than you"
"Oh guru of Fertilizer what should we be doing now???"
"Dunno let's do some Benham"
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Shit (literally) that you use to grow plants. Sometimes, it can really help your garden grow.
~Guy walks into garden with fertilizer in it~

"Man, it smells like shit!"
by lunar shadows August 11, 2004
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A low quality type of marijuana, often characterized by an abundance of stems, seeds and extremely low levels of THC.
Damn, son! We smoked 3 blunts already of this fertilizer and we ain't even high yet.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
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The act of ejaculating into the toilet after you've finished making a #2, either as a type of kink, or because you didn't feel like flushing it first.
Guy 1: "Hey bro, I'm gonna go fertilize the fertilizer 'cause I'm too horny to bother flushing my shit first!"
Guy 2: "Too much info bro, but alright!"
by IsaacLechten October 21, 2016
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