Used to describe someone that does something repeatedly or relies on it.
by AJ baud February 27, 2022
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When a football player is massively overrated and in reality he is carried by one attribute, scenario, league, team mates, derby
1.Pedri is an appearance merchant
2. Mharez is a bottom 5 merchant
3. Van dijk is a man bun merchant
by Cristo Ronald suwiii April 15, 2022
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1. A person who deals in goods of the kind or otherwise by his occupation holds himself as having knowledge or skill peculiar to the practices or goods involved in the transaction or to whom such knowledge or skill may be attributed by his employment of an agent or broker or other intermediary who by his occupation holds himself out as having such knowledge or skill - Uniform Commercial Code 2-104.

2. A famous streetballer in the Feudal Lords, Daniel Gurrisi.

3. The bartering of moves on the basketball courts.
1."The electronics merchant sold the man a stereo."

2."The Merchant threw it down so hard at the last game, he had to get drunk after."

3."The Merchant bartered moves so hard."
by Dan Gurrisi, Evan Roskos December 9, 2003
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A greedy person who is always tapping fags
Go away you fucking merchant.
Ive no fags go away you merchant.
Watch the pair of merchants off tapping up there.
by merchantkid November 4, 2011
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A bussinessperson engaged in the wholesale purchase for profit.
Edward had purchased a barrel of wine for the wedding and the wine merchant’s method of measuring the volume at first angered him.
by BlackPohatu November 21, 2016
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The Merchant is a man who resides in the East Greenwich area and rarely cares/needs to venture out of his territory. He deals with fine wines and cigars and hosts a plethora of crazy parties filled with friends. The Merchant currently has only one trade ship of his own but he can call upon a sizeable fleet if the need presents itself

The Parties at The Merchant's trade post are very exclusive, and only those who are on the guest list are allowed to attend. He is usually fairly peaceful but if angered, he is a formidable foe as he is equally as formidable as he is large! Should this not be enough to deter any issues, he can always call upon a small army to aid him in his endeavors. He can usually be found by the smoke clouds puffing away from his fine cigars that he perpetually smokes.

The Merchant was orginally named by Adam and known by only a few. Even today (years later) there are few who know The Merchant, and even fewer who know The Merchant's real name but there are countless who know of The Merchant and The Merchant's parties.
The Merchant of East Greenwich
The Merchant of the East side of G
by Anaxagoras May 11, 2006
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