(v); to swindle
A form of revenge. When one shits on anything or anyone that is not meant to be shat on, thus destroying that beings confidence, reputation and personal property. This can stem from extreme hatred and disgust of the person or owner of the object being shat on. An important part of swindling is discretion. The person being swindled must not know it was you who swindled them and must remain confused as they angrily clean up the shit you have bestowed upon them.
(past tense)
Jon: Dude, I just swindled Mark so bad!
Rob: Why?
Jon: he stole my bitch so I took a shit in his bed!
Rob: NICE!
by Swindler's List June 16, 2013
someone who tries to play you over. play games with you.
Brandon you been on some swindles
by michelle myers December 8, 2003
The act of stealing one's personal possession in a non-specific manner in an attempt to be humourous.
by DeMoNiC February 21, 2003
The state of being a cool skydiving math nerd or of something/someone being cool
Student 1: That math dweeb skydives?!
Student 2: Yeah! He's really good at it too.

Student 1: That elevates him to the status of swindle in my book!
by Eruth August 31, 2012
An ugly chick who thinks they are good looking.
(Person 1)Eww, look at that swindle over there.
(Person 2)That's discusting!
by g-jew November 21, 2011
v. a family man . the first and the last thing on your mind.Alpha and Omegamotherfucker.
vv. the guy that drives women crazy and mindfucks boys .
vv. a song you can't get out of your head .
When Swindles on your mind, your mindfucked bitch.

if sneaking around at night stealing like a bitch .
by gristletoe August 17, 2017
When a young man, who goes by the name of Chutters, uses his art of deception to con the feeble working staff of Asda out of their hard earned wages. This is usually in exchange for the short term gain of two packs of cookies.

Please note: such an act is usually performed en route to smoke session with the boys.
Chutters: “What’s being said tonight boys?”

“Oi Charlie lad, pick us up a bag of ching and a swindle, bish, bash, bosh!” (Berrisford, 2019)
by Turninski February 8, 2019