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The thing you never mention at a funeral
Priest. Er, yes she wasnt a christian i suppose, but she tried her best, i mean who believes in all that stuff anyway.
Oh crap im dead.
by Biafra J July 30, 2004
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Officialy done more damage than marge thatcher.
Tony blair is a ponce at the very best.
by Biafra J August 29, 2004
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The most balanced movie of all time, and what made Pixar.
Loved by everyone, and puts Disney to shame.
by Biafra J August 14, 2004
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the one thing everyone wants but cant get-because soon enough we all realise the truth- were all a bit mad.
Sanity is stupid-you should reach for insanity, like the rest of us.
by Biafra J July 29, 2004
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If you hate Fox as much as i do, check this movie out- Outfoxed. Its a documentary on what goes on behind the scenes. Extremely good.
Its shocking how easy it is to fool the american public.
by Biafra J August 26, 2004
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The greatest DJ of the 90s.
Right about now, funk so brother...
by Biafra J August 30, 2004
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To try to chat someone up who is a bit too good for you. usually seen when a ginger headed dork is doing quite well with a blondie in a pub, while his much nicer friend is getting fuck all luck.

A way to put you down.
Nothing's ever out of your league.
by Biafra J July 13, 2004
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