Justin Bieber's new song. Basically just him explaining you aren't ready for him! He's going to sex you up everywhere, anywhere, and any time!
From the door to the wall
Coffee table girl get ready
I'mma put you down (PYD PYD PYD)
All the way down (PYD PYD PYD)
From the stove to the counter top dining room table are you ready?
I'mma put you down (PYD PYD PYD)
Up the stairs to my bedroom, light a few candles brace yourself
I'mma put you down
by Hannah733 November 18, 2013
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To shoot somebody with a powerful gun
If you dont stop fuckin with me I'm gonna get my 357 and im gonna put you down the street baser
by VENEZUELANPIMP90 August 30, 2006
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An Arnold Schwarzenegger quote showing Arnie himself armed with a gun shouting those very words. Typically meaning "Lie down or I kill you", it could scare someone into lying down because they value their life.
by The ArchTitans March 25, 2016
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