generally, a Peter Pan is someone who will never grow up.
Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones still lives fast like he did 20 years ago. He has eternal youth. He is a rock and roll Peter Pan.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice December 24, 2006
"I'm pan, but I prefer peter. I'm Peter Pan. Also I'm kinda magical."
by FriendswithVAbenefits March 18, 2022
When doing a girl doggy style the penetrator puts his arms on his hips and continues thrusting as usual thus creating the Peter Pan persona. Once the position has been assumed, Peter Pan should start quoting lines from the movie such as "Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!" or "All you need is thrust and a little bit of pixie dust!" or "If i were you, I'd surrender!".
Leslie told me that her boyfriend started yelling something about Never Never Land during sex last night. I think she got Peter Panned!
A person who never grew up. Shows very disturbing anger and emotional baggage. Walls themselves up from co-workers and friends and is completely anti-social.
Dr. Phil: "Amy, you must get a hold of your inner turmoil. You need to not show your emotions as anger. You, Amy, need to learn to control yourself. Amy, you have Peter Pan syndrome. I don't know if you realize this, but you really have it, and are now resembling the character Peter Pan. You need to grow some tits."

Amy: "F-you, Dr. Phil! You bald headed butt-munch! I don't have any problems, and how dare you refer to me as Peter Pan!"

Dr. Phil: "Amy, you dress in green tights and have short bobbed hair, and no breasts, I guess tits was a little too harsh."
by T_rump_supporter April 20, 2013
Jimmy Machan is THE orginal Peter Pan. And the best.
Jimmy Machan is Peter Pan and he knows it. (:
by @MaddieStack follow me August 29, 2009
verb- to pick someone up in a wedgie, and fly them around the room.
I peter pan-ed Ryan, all he wanted to do was think happy thoughts.
by TriciaMC October 30, 2006
An amazing boy who doesn't want to grow up. He normaly lives in Neverland. He also is friends with a fairy called Tinker Bell.
I love Peter Pan so much! I'll leave my window open tonight, and i hope he'll come rescue me from this world...
by lostgirl132 August 18, 2015