A Female who was sex with 2 or more guys in the same setting.
"Lil Larry & 'nem finna bring a flipper through, we all finna hit."
by Deondre Duncan October 17, 2003
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A female who performs sexual favors, then is able to "FLIP" around and perform sexual favors on another man.
e Rowdy And E.G. were banging this bad ass flipper last night, son.
by e Rowdy August 11, 2005
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flipper a non curse word for fucker when you want to call someone something a vulgar name in a polite way
vcr that flipper ate my tape last night

my neighbors dog crapped on my porch last night what a flipper
by skyewrighter February 28, 2019
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Person who buys limited edtion items at normal price, knowing they will sell out, then immediately turns around and sells them.

Also a person who will get items autographed just to sell them for cash later.

ESPECIALLY: Urban Vinyl toys.

A popular place to sell items is eBay, also know as "the Bay" by KidRobot online forum users.

The act of this is called a flip.
"its signed to gene (me) but you or i can marker it up to make it look unreadable or like something else if you want." - Bay Flipper Gene, in his awesome ebay auction in which he attempts to flip an Acid Dunny that is personalized to him.

Man I heard she a flipper!
You mean she's a ho?
Nah I mean she buys cool toys just to sell em!
What a ho!
No kiddin!
by circuspunk February 02, 2006
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