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Little Boy Haircut; similar to the bowl cut
He won't come to school cause of that LBH his mom made him get.
by bert December 13, 2004

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Very good rock band. Lead singer/ lead guitarist- rivers cuomo, guitarist- brian bell, bassist (current)-scott shriner, and drummer- pat wilson
Recomended songs:

tired of sex
only in dreams
pink triangle
falling for u
across the see
say it aint so
el scorcho
by Bert November 04, 2003

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The showing off of ones biceps
Billy: Have you got your tickets yet?
Sarah: To What?
Billy: To the Gun Show!!! ***while pulling back his right sleeve, flexing his muscles , and pointing with his left hand
by bErt September 23, 2004

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A country "liberated" by the USA under the leadership of George W. Bush
Iraq was bushed.
by Bert April 26, 2003

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ultra fast sportbike

gixxer killer
dude my r1 smoked that dumb ass gixxer
by Bert September 20, 2003

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The fear of gaining weight.
Having pocrescophobia increases your urge to do excersize.
by Bert July 25, 2005

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A club in Kingswood, Bristol, UK where you get stabbed or bottled upon entry.
"Lets go to Chasers and get stabbed or bottled upon entry!"
by Bert November 28, 2004

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