Adjective used to describe something small. It is mainly used to describe something to be small and cute, in adoration toward people you cherish, but it can also be derogatory, if used to describe others, who are not your friends.
I'm so shrimpy!! :D

Aww, you're such a shrimp!

He's so shrimpy, I'll never date him.
by ineverr July 7, 2011
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A pompous ass who is so full of himself that he doesn't even realize he is insignificant and powerless
J: Our fearless leader was at happy hour again last night telling everyone on the team what to do, and drooling over every waitress in short orange shorts and big boobs.
T: He is such a shrimpy. He still doesn't realize that he is Big Al's bitch.
by J Scotts December 20, 2008
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"Yo if one of my ex's who had a shrimpy ,they better be careful and don't test me. I will expose you!!!😐🤗
by tatiballa October 24, 2016
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Cockloving rectum admirer.
He was a cockloving rectum admirer, like Bat-girl.
by warmonkey February 7, 2003
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he came... he saw... he shot his load everywhere
by bert February 3, 2003
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Cheesemunching Armish dude
by Teq February 7, 2003
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A 3-4 inch tall weapon-loving Mastermind, with an insane desire to take over the world.
by evil geinous of pittsburg April 15, 2009
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