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The smaller version of Shemp . A shorter useless piece of shit of a person. If Shemp had a mini me.
Shemp just let's shump shemp out all day. Team useless.
by DeezBolas July 02, 2018
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Unknown; something Dr. Peter Shumpmaker's ancestors no doubt built.
"...The guy is Dr. Peter Shumpmaker. Lord knows what a 'shump' is but you can bet your bippy his ancestors made them." -Shoreleave
by Koros December 15, 2009
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When you see your friend from a few feet away and as you go to shake his hand this awkward moment happens he gives you a fist bump, and you end up putting your hand on his fist.
WTF did you just Shump me

Dam Dat Boy just Shumped me

What a shump he tried to shake my bump
by Srfaloha January 24, 2017
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A shower and a dump at the same time. Shumps usually take place in the handicap showers at the pool that double as toilet stalls. The shumping process usually consists of the subject stripping down naked, grabbing the detachable shower head, and holding it over themselves as they drop logs. It's also environmentally friendly as long as you're not in California because the shower head can double as a bidet.
Jake: "Hey man, where were you?"
Tim: "I was taking a massive shump. Dude, my asshole has never felt cleaner."
Jake: "Holy bejesus, I gotta try that some time!"
by Shwifty Supreme October 12, 2015
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