Literally fluffy cat. Soft and cute. Its hairs are neither short nor long. Must have enough length. Also must be healthy.
Angelina is a cat lover. She has a fluffy cat. Her cat is as soft as cloud.
by Ms FluffyCat February 1, 2023
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The ginger and white fluffy cat that lives down Milford road. Abbreviated by simply saying FC.
by Boogle Monster September 11, 2017
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The name of Bobby's super amazing, fluffy cat! Shaggy and orange, kinda like Garfield. :
Also a codename used to describe a guy who is a player.
Bobby: Mom, where's Mr. Fluffy Cat?
Mom: I dunno. Sleeping, I guess.

Dude1: Oh my God, how did he get Nancy to go out with him??
Dude2: Cuz he's Mr. Fluffy Cat, duh.
by Bobby is a pocket emo September 5, 2008
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Shape-shifting cat that belongs to Mr. Bertain, can transform into any creature/object immaginable.
EX. Fluffy the wonder ovary
Fluffy the wonder endoplasmic reticulum
Allright everyone, this is Fluffy the Wonder Nucleus.........
by Dexter November 20, 2004
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