project goal ( programmers in washington state make milestone )
Mr softie says, " you core hog hogs make ur milestone this week "?? Yo dude we have been pushing inchie peebles.
by itichie_nocanpo July 6, 2006
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(n) sex
We had rockin' milestone!
by George W. Fucker November 12, 2003
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When you witness something groundbreaking when you are stoned.
California was milestoned when Proposition 19 passed.
by Mr. Cannabis November 2, 2010
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When you smoke pot on a day that is a milestone in your life such as a 20th birthday.
(While High) Dude, your 20 on Dec. 10 in the year 2010..milestoneddd
by eschh December 10, 2010
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a small group of amazing and tough motherfuckers that stick together, fight crime, and smoke some dope. also they go to McDonald's frequently
dude, let's hook up with the milestoners tonight.
by Milestoner09 January 26, 2014
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World domination through the power of positive thinking and outlandish work ethic. Generating success through the "work hard, play hard" enviroment while caring and helping others reach a milestone in their career.
Today is my day to start Milestone Consulting.
by John Blevins July 7, 2012
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A phrase commonly used by in the mainstream media to denote the quantity of an undesirable occurance reaching a multiple of ten.
Casualties in Iraq have reached a grim milestone - 10/100/1000 in the 10/100/1000 days since the overthrow of Saddam.
by Latte Libertarian October 6, 2006
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