The best YouTube show, it’s free it’s great and if you didn’t watch it yet. Go get help and then watch it :)
Person 1: did you watch don’t hug me I’m scared

Person2: No

Person 1: we can’t be friends anymore
by Dolan_addict64 November 16, 2018
When you're avoiding a question and wana ghost a bitch
When can you hang out? “ I’m scared, someone hold me tight”
by Pamela Mares November 19, 2022
Phrase used when one wants to be verbal with an expression yet different from known expressions like “ El Oh El (LOL), I’m weak, I’m dead”.

“The girls threw a party celebrating Chelseas’ first period”.

“ I’m scared”.
by Murr-anda Riiy’ts January 30, 2022