13 definitions by Bathing Grape

A phrase used when you see your friend Weesi. It is usually said in a higher pitched voice
Nathan: look it’s weesi
Me: Uh Weesi!!
by Bathing Grape September 10, 2020
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An expression used when you fart

Past tense: shoot a duck
Gary: Damon, I just shot a duck
Damon: c’mon Dad
by Bathing Grape October 16, 2018
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Dylan: yo do you know what Horse shabbouei dawg

Ben: Yea of course
by Bathing Grape February 16, 2019
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Ethan: Do I have a square head

Elijah: Yea dude, your jawline is non existent

Ethan: shut up
by Bathing Grape August 15, 2018
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One of the best and most famous fortnite players out there who is idolized by many children.
Josh: yo wanna watch ninja on twitch?

Daniel: No bro, PUBG is sooo much better
by Bathing Grape July 24, 2018
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Best new artist out there not a question. He raps off beat but that’s just his style. His best songs are thotiana and dead locs. Blueface will one day surpass 2pac as the greatest and most influential rapper of all time
Ben: Yo I wanna listen to some bangers
Ethan: puts on *thotiana*

Ben: aye, blueface baby!
by Bathing Grape December 19, 2018
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Patrick: is mayonnaise an instrument

Squidward: no Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument
by Bathing Grape August 15, 2018
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