47 definitions by Bart

A cock.
"The snake likes to burrow deep in the black hole."
by Bart June 05, 2003
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someone who is stinking ugly
damn that bitch is smugley!
by bart April 04, 2005
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it's a holiday something in holland with a guy called sinterklaas and his nigger friends pieten
sint and piet walk on the roof
by bart November 14, 2003
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Someone who spends so much time on forums trying to better online communities that one wonders if is he is being paid for it or as he would say it himself in his southern drawl "Em-e working?"
MAWorking only thinks he is working....
by Bart April 23, 2004
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son of a bitch
ur an s.o.b
by bart September 03, 2003
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to get stole or or have something happen to you that you didn't expect
"Brotha man wuz just walkin along and this dude came outta nowhere and snuck him in his jaw and took all his loot
by Bart April 14, 2003
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The act of receiving oral sex from a female, and when the male has ejaculated, he smacks the female across the side of her face with the back-side of his hand and follows through and points to the door. Spointing should be done in one fluid motion.
"Did you hear? Bart spointed that skank!"
by Bart April 19, 2004
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