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you could be a drinker or a smoker or a bonger. a drinker is when you love a good alcoholic beverage
im not really a smoker, more of a drinker.
by ash_x August 28, 2008
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A drinker is a water fountain for drinking, usually found in parks. The water hops on top and goes back down, and people put their mouth on the top where the water goes, and they suck the water in. Drinkers are usually made of stone and/or metal, and the water comes from an unknown source. Drinkers are usually medium-sized, so an average adult or teen can drink from the water easily, however for children the parents may need to hold them to drink from the water.
Man, i would really use a drinker right now!
There's a drinker.
Drinkers are located in parks!
Where does the water source from drinkers come from?
by Pengiii June 01, 2018
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