a girl who looks good but can kick sum ass. gets alot of guy attention (and girl). independent, sexy, and very loving chick who always has fun
Greg: did you see Azure last night?
Tom: yeah, sure would have liked to take her home.
by Azure's freekin rock June 10, 2009
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One of the most expensive production convertibles available, handmade by Bentley motors. Powered by a 6.75(!) Liter Twin(!) Turbocharged V8 engine, it has around 400-420 hp, and 560 lb/ft of torque. Beautiful exterior styling by Pininfarine, and the interior is made with the finest hand-trimmed leather and hand-carved wood trim. MSRP for the base model is around $355,000 U.S. Dollars, with special "Mulliner" editions tunning into the high $400,000s.
The Bentley Azure, one of the most capable GT cars. Too bad Bennifer owns one.
by EJL March 23, 2004
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A light purplish blue.
Heraldry. The color blue.
The blue sky.
"The clear blue color of the sky; also, a pigment or dye of this color. ``In robes of azure.'' --Wordsworth.
by Heather July 26, 2004
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One of the finest convertibles ever to hit the streets.
Nas: Blaze a 50, sit back in the drop top Azure bentley, across from me, this chic that make bobby divorce whitney, top down nightmare blow her hair sky black stars glow the face on the moon stare
by austin July 27, 2004
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The term to indicate a room is under some form of electronic surveillance, especially used by British intelligence services.
Writing the word Azure can inform a person they are under surveillance without any verbal statement of such being audible to any present surveillance devices.
by Spongey February 09, 2007
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