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an adjective that describes someone who is a faggot
That new kid John is pretty faggety.


You faggety fu**!
by Smart December 04, 2004
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An 80's word not to be confused with "faggoty" (which is a derogatory term for exhibiting homosexual tendencies)-"faggety" refers to power-pop bands in metal/rock guise such as Bon Jovi, Poison, and Cinderella. Even non-faggety bands might put out a faggety album (such as KISS with "Crazy Nights").
Black Sabbath - non faggety
Iron Maiden - non faggety
Twisted Sister - non faggety
Deep Purple - non faggety
Meat Loaf - non faggety

Queensryche - kinda faggety
Bon Jovi - pretty faggety
Winger - very faggety
Warrant - EXTREMELY faggety
Metallica - not faggety, but douchebags
by wildirishrosie July 26, 2010
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