21 definitions by Austin Pealy

(v): The act of farting in the gondola ride up Mount Fuji.
"Oh crap, Joe, did you just bento box this gondola? Banzaii!!"
by Austin Pealy August 22, 2009
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The process of getting stung near your anal opening, which then causes severe swelling. Blocks your feces during a bowel movement. Sometimes requires surgery.
This berta is going to kill me!
by Austin Pealy August 07, 2006
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(v): Jerking off Jered the Subway guy before he went on his diet.
I'd love a cold cut combo, but I can't do it since Steve was milking the moose last weekend!
by Austin Pealy January 15, 2012
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(v): From the East Coast name for a submarine sandwich, the act of two women grinding their vaginas together with no penis present.
"My sister just called me to tell me about the meatless grinder she fired up with her roommate."
by Austin Pealy August 22, 2009
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(v): A lesbian act of non-dick coitus.
"Now I know why my girlfriend left me, I just caught her scissor fighting her house mother!"
by Austin Pealy August 22, 2009
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1: (n): the vagina of a prison inmate who has had a sex change and is now female, and is using her vagina to smuggle contraband.

2: (n): an extremely stretched out prison pocket
Cris just got a sex change? Omg, that's amazing, she's got a prison murse now... We are going to have so many drugs coming into this joint!
by Austin Pealy February 16, 2020
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