A code women use to get together and drink large amounts of alcohol, especially margaritas. It makes their husbands, boyfriends, and other friends think they are doing something smart.
Girl 1: I'm so glad we have book club tonight. I've had a crappy-ass day.
Girl 2: Yep, me too. I'll meet you at the bar at 6.
by margarita librarian September 24, 2009
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why do candy hearts say "book club"? it must mean orgy. think about it...
by kaaaaaat February 16, 2004
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Another term (somewhat offensive) to refer to Christians and Christianity
Friend 1: Are you still friends with Karen?
Friend 2: No, shes apart of the book club, yikes

Friend 1: Karen is upset that are you insulting her religion
Friend 2: Not the book club getting mad 💀
by UniToxic April 1, 2021
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A noun refering to a bitch-ass nigga who smiles in your face when you are with your woman and then tries to spit weak ass game to her as soon as you turn your back. When the gump bitch notices that you are watching, he tries to claim that he was conversing about a fake book that he is reading for his book club.
...SO yea, that new book on that rapper is fire...HEY MAN!! I wasn't trying to holler at your girl or nothing. ha ha ha....yea...
by The Overseer March 17, 2005
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An underground organization. Board 1611, a.k.a. Dinky Doo. A place to go if you want to relieve stress. Not really a book club. At the book club, Admiral Ackbar rules with an iron fist. All who oppose shall be sodomized and obliterated.
Uncool User #1: What is this book club I keep hearing about?
C Bar: Come to board 1611.
Uncool User: Ok...
Admiral Ackbar: It's a trap!
Uncool User #1: *<b>SODOMIZ'D!</b>*
Icon: *takes off pants*
Explicit Content: OMGWTFBBQ!?!?! Get out of here you bloody spud!!
ChaosTony: OH SNAP!
TenkoStar17: It's all over my pants!
Heavenscloud889: RAW IS JERICHO!!!
ChaosTony: yay!
Explicit Content: yay!
Uncool User #2: So this the book club...
by ChaosTony September 20, 2004
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A group sex session in which multiple partners practice the "Librarian" on one another.
Guy 1: Hey dude! Do you want to join my Book Club?

Guy 2: Sure, what are you reading this week?

Guy 1: Faust.

Guy 2: Oh boy!
by BioStud October 16, 2014
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The opposite of what the "Smart guy" said.
Mooglekupo141: Shoot the infidel!
Dinky Doo: Ok!
Smart Person: No! I'm bloodied!
All: Ha ha ha ha ha
by MoogleKupo141 September 28, 2004
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