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The hypothetical land in which anarchist communist-society has been realized.
In ancompton, it's not the case that everyone owns everything, it's just that each workforce owns their respective business collectively.
by ApricotFields May 22, 2019
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The quality at never having given or received an armpit job.
She claimed she had tons of sexual experienced but then we found she hadn't even lost her armpitginity.
by ApricotFields June 14, 2020
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An Artistic Language. A subset of constructed languages that are devised principally for the purpose of creative expression.

These include "Fictional Languages", which are for the usage of fictional people but are themselves learnable in the real world like Klingon, Quenya and High Valyrian.

There are also languages that themselves are constructed to be used, at least partially, as the medium of expression like Trollsprak, Lingua Romana and the IS language
Artlangs can be considered a neat way of making your world building truly immersive but they could also be seen as really patting the light bulb.
by ApricotFields June 25, 2020
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Sex in which there is a genuine expression of mutual affection but you're not in love and don't expect to ever be.
Not only was Milana one of my best friends, we loved to make fondness on cold winter nights when we were both single.
by ApricotFields July 02, 2020
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Focused or based around the female breasts.
If you don't mind me saying, we live in a mammocentric society.
by ApricotFields June 18, 2020
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After removing her red lacy bra, I proceeded to engage in what was ultimately a most satisfying session of mammolingus for both parties.
by ApricotFields June 14, 2020
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I don't care what xeir private parts situation is, that is one heck of an NBILF.
by ApricotFields May 22, 2019
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