The breast cup size which is of measurement A. Girls may be made fun of being "flat-chested" but actually they are the best-looking tits. Perfectly fits in your hands and very cute when you cum on them.
Friend: Dude, looks like Megan has a cup. Haha, stupid flat-chested bitch.

Me: Actually, I had her in bed with me last night. She had great tits. Small, but cute.

Friend: Wait, what? Hook me up.

Me: No.
by JesterHatz November 10, 2008
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The smallest bra size. Most often think it's bad to have an a cup but it's actually better. When you're in your 30's+ your boobs won't sag whereas bustier girls will.
Jane- haha you have an a cup while I'm a c cup hashtag #flat

(A few years later)
Jane- I'm only 28 and my boobs already sag... You're so lucky because they're small and cute and don't sag. boobs small boobs pretty lucky itty bitty titty comity
by Missbitch485 September 18, 2016
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Breasts that aren't filled with silicone. They look just as good at 50 as they do at 20. B and C cups might be nice, but A's are the best.
I wish my girlfriend had a-cups!
by ABND November 02, 2005
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The smallest cup size for a woman's breast, the actual size of the breast does not usually exceed the size of the nipple. They are nice because they won't sag as you get older or give you stretch marks, but bad because people will make fun of you for being flat and you might not get as many boyfriends.
Dick: "Michelle's pretty, but she only has an a cup."
Regina: "That's because she's a ballerina!"
by thisismealex February 11, 2008
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A cups are the best boob size! For everyone thinking A cups are small, they are actually very big, and you are jealous because you're either flat-chested or you have like big fat saggy boobs.
Hawt Guy: Whoa, man! Check out that chick! Her boobs are huge! I'll bet she's an A cup!
Other Hawt Guy: Yeah! She's totally hawt!
by Candygirl23 February 19, 2007
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