39 definition by Antonio

World's greatest billiard player; comes from the country the Philippines
Man 1: Dude did you see Efren 'Bata' Reyes pull off that impossible cue stick trick?
Man 2: I know! That's some crazy shit man!
by Antonio October 30, 2006

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Infomercial talking about nothing but sex
I was watching a nymphomercial about dildos and vibraters
by Antonio August 28, 2004

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The act of spotting a girl at a bar and rather than engage in preliminary discussion you immediately rail her then tell her things aren't working out, like the German blitzkrieg.
"Last night i did the biggest Montana blitzkrieg."
by Antonio January 16, 2005

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Often come in a pair such as twins. Twins of cockasian heritage, and often looked at as gangstas who love the bling. In other words P.I.M.P.'s who love Any National American Language. In other words twins with style.
Hey u cunt act like a conti.
by Antonio January 13, 2005

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camello=camel, person who sell any kind of drugs
the police catced the camello when selling to the yonki
by Antonio March 28, 2005

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Master of talent/skill
He has reached the highest level, mestre
by Antonio September 15, 2003

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A man who will one day redefine the meaning of his name. A man who is of latino heritage. An important person
As in: hey man have u hear dof this guy name SIGFRIDO i heard one day he will be some kind of important person.
by Antonio January 12, 2005

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