37 definitions by Antonio

a dance some teenagers in dc do while listening to gogo.
Ra-Ra stay beatin his feet.
by Antonio October 18, 2004
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What somebody is refered to as they preform a stupid act. Also when some one acts like Justin.
You've just been Justified
by Antonio August 29, 2004
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1.) Being Game
2.)Game- a state of readiness, or a status of sexual attraction
Ex. 1.) "I tell you what, Sharad got more game than us man."
-"It's because he's a damn trashman, nigga."
Ex. 2.) "You ready to get pwned in Halo?"
-"I'm game, ho"
by Antonio April 20, 2004
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I'm sorry, it was all my fault...you have all the right to hate me..but i still love you and i'm empty with you..i was the ass,and i despite myself,i should have never done that..
I still love you and i miss you so bad,please give me another chance
by Antonio September 17, 2004
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A preemptive shielding of the asshole, be it the use of duct tape or plaster, to prevent ass rapage in a bad neighborhood. It is called the Idaho roadblock because it was first implemented in Boise.
"I perfected the Idaho roadblock before going to Camden."
"Good move."
by Antonio January 16, 2005
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