To treat someone as if they were inferior, or had a lower social status. "Lil" being slang for "Little".
Shut up lil bro, I own you.
by rizz reaper September 27, 2023
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To treat someone that's younger than you like they don't know what they're doing just because they're younger.
Olderguy: Hey, nigga, you look like you ain't know shit

Youngerguy: Ayy nigga, don't try to Lil bro me just cuz you older

Olderguy: My bad nigga, we cool?

Youngerguy: Yea, we cool.
by Your Server ADMINISTRATOR July 22, 2018
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Young brother , little brother.
Do not necessary have to be your blood, anyone you consider close enough to call bother.
by Kathely >.~ November 12, 2018
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A lil bro is one who is always there for you and has your back at all times. One who you can mess around with whenever. Even though they can be a pest whenever they wanna be. They are still the ones who can pick you up when you’re down, the oneswho makes you laugh when you’re sad, the ones who understand you when nobody else will, the one who looks up to you and wanna be like you when they get your age. A lil bro is your all time best friend and you wouldn’t be the same without them.
My lil bro is so annoying! When I got home from school, he ate the last piece of pizza. So I slammed him.
by Guest052301 November 6, 2018
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Person in the group who gets drunk off of one shot and can’t handle the party life.
Johnny was too gone off of that one shot last night. He lil bro.
by tfitness February 24, 2018
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