when two people are too kinky for kinky sex, and decide to light the womans pubes on fire and the guy puts it out with his cum
"baby, i think we've got to a point in our relationship where we can firehouse..what do you say"
"hell yeah get the lighter"
by sex on fire addict November 30, 2009
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A game played mostly by middle/high school girls where they name three guys and the other person has to choose (hypothetically) which one to marry, which one to bang, and which one to kill.
Girl 1: "Firehouse—Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Taylor Lautner."
Girl 2: "Kill Taylor, marry Johnny and bang Orlando."
by mmmmfudge February 18, 2010
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In the middle of a romping session of hardcore penetration, you take cologne and a lighter, proceed to light a womans shave cave on fire and shove your meat stick right in her flaming cunt hole. Right before and third degree burns permanently scar, you then pull out right before you blow a giant five roper and put out the blazing vagina. If done correctly the end result should consist of a perfectly hairless pussy, all hairs burned off, and a full stomach since all of this is done while eating a delicious sub from Firehouse.
Dude: dont move baby...

Chick: what are you doing?!?!?!!

Dude: SHUT THE FUCK UP IM FIREHOUSEING UR ASS! *lights pussy on fire

by cockjuggling thundercunt December 30, 2010
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1. a pun.
2. the playing, action, or conduct of a game: The pitcher was replaced in the fourth inning of play.
3. the manner or style of playing or of doing something: We admired his fine play throughout the game.
to engage in (a game, pastime, etc.).

Working for FireHouse is so much fun. We just "play" and hand make unique and personality filled hats with amazing friends after a long day of snowboarding.
by flip-flop October 22, 2009
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A young woman, often under age, who seeks to achieve status by having sex with firefighters or is attracted the appeal hanging out in large trucks.
She's a firehouse groupie, of course she'll suck your dick, chief.
by monckee July 12, 2008
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Sandwich shop that was founded by firemen and you can taste it. Firehouse is 10 times better than Subway. They only need two types of bread, white and wheat, unlike Subway who uses their bread to cover up that there is no meat on the sandwich.

Origin for the infamous group "F.H.E.", composed of jesse, bryan, and tyler, with such hits as "Salt and Pepper" and "Put it in the Toaster".
guy 1: Im hungry for a sub but if we go to subway i wont get full.

guy 2: Lets go to Firehouse subs, they actually put meat on their subs
by FHE January 4, 2010
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When you put a sheet over your head and body with a glory hole cut in the penis area with junk out walk up to the head of a mates bunk making ghostly sounds. Can easily be adapted into a "gay firehouse ghost" by cutting two eyeholes into the sheet.
"Damb I was getting ready to sac out on a tower shift last night and the firehouse ghost got at me real close, had to fight him off with a bic lighter again"...
by Grock607 November 19, 2017
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