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Back-acne, acne on the back
Her bacne is so bad that she cannot wear a strapless dress.
by Anne June 16, 2003

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Male or female- from infants and above. There are many types of Modeling- Runway, Print, Commercial, High fashion/editorial, Plus, Promotional, etc. All models are NOT skinny, and it is VERY frowned upon in the Modeling industry to have an eating disorder. Runway models have to be certain measurements. Print models do ads and such. Commercial models fit the average looking person who can also work in commercials. High fashion/editorial modeling is basically modeling for things like Gucci, Versace, etc.- all the big name brands. Plus models are those who are bigger than the average/usual measurements. Promotional models do promotions.

And Believe it, Modeling is NOT an easy job. Models are definitely not dumb and they have to have thick skin to face criticism from agents, designers, etc.
I've been modeling since I was 13 years old. I thought it would be easy, but was I ever wrong. 2 years later, I really enjoy doing it and it's what I love.
by Anne December 03, 2004

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an unusually powerful woman who can stand on her own and doesn't need the love and attention of a man. she gets a kick out of leading you along, because it makes you look so stupid. it further proves her own superior intelligence. if she does accept a man, he will have to be able to match her in intelligence and wit. if you fall for her, it's your own damn fault.
i went out to the bar with two different men and, ironically, they both called the next day to ask for another date. i am a man eater and those two got eaten alive!
by anne April 12, 2005

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Term used in the Modeling Industry when a model goes out to meet with an agent/agency, manager/management company, designer, etc. It's basically like an audition.
I was so nervous on my very first go-see, but the woman at the agency was very nice.
by Anne December 03, 2004

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A piercing that goes straight through the glans of the penis. Usually done with a straight barbell. The position of the barbell parallel to the floor when the penis is hanging down. Supposedly the most sensuous piecing (sexually speaking) because of the ability to massage the G or P spot upon insertion of a man or woman.
"Wow, man, you got your junk pierced?"
"Yup. It's an apadravya."
by Anne April 18, 2005

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2, a way of saying something is cool
"man, that's HEMALI cool!"
by anne April 01, 2005

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A delicious chocolatey cookie cereal
At first you taste the chocolate, then you taste the cookie, then the crisp, then the corn.
by Anne February 09, 2004

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