Tits, boobs, or fun bags. Better when the are huge-DD cups or up.
Did you see those awesome mammaries on that slut?!?!
by Tit lover Boy November 4, 2003
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Large-chested; busty. Big boobied.
Maddison is righteously mammarious.
by derpashoo August 13, 2010
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The fatty tissue that resides in womens booby's. It's soft and good to suck on, especially around the areolas. It's the technical term for breasts.
ClifF: Hey Marge! I really love your mammary glands there!
Marge: Oh why thank you cliff, i'm trying out a new type of push up bra, it really does wonders.
by Cody The Pirate June 6, 2006
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Also see shit tits

There must be something in the water in Sunderland that produces the absolutely worst tits in the country. Some great looking arses but horrible haunting tits

Maybe its the salt in the sea air or maybe its the amount of kids they have or the amount of drugs they do who knows 🤷
Careful I picked up on a Sunderland twang there, she probably has mackem mammaries
by Working Class Hero November 25, 2020
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Quite the opposite to magnificent mammaries these are without doubt the most evil titties that you have ever seen. I'm talking hauntingly bad. Wake up in the night in cold sweats bad. You can't unsee maleficent mammaries
Doctor I'm gonna need some strong sleeping pills because I just can not unsee those maleficent mammaries. I'm gonna need therapy for sure
by The Milk Man Cometh November 23, 2020
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Some titty you done tried to forget.
Them tittys was knockin 2getha 4eva how could he of had a repressed mammary damn they was fine!
by NiraMillson December 21, 2016
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