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Modeling is when very pretty girls or guys of any ages get there pictures taken by photographers. usually they are advertising a brand of clothes, shoes, make-up, (ect.) a lot of people think models are stuck up. some of them might be but others are really nice. just because someone is a model dont assume they are stuck up because they usually won't be. Really anyone can model modeling agents look for all types of looks. it just depends if you have what they are looking for
Will :" my girlfriend is in modeling"
Austyn: " really she must be really gorgeous"
Will: " she is "
by ummidklol October 30, 2011
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When a female acts real stuck up or like she doesn't even see you. Basically, when U walk around thinkin your the shit.

Its a WesTside word......
Tasha: Hey, i saw u at the beach the other day. Why u was actin fake?

TErrance: I wasn't actin fake, yaw was too busy modeling.
by infamous_JazMonii_ January 12, 2010
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It's something that a lot of Christian girls turn from because they knew they were too hot/sexy to get into modeling, and they Did! :) Thanks be to God. But then they met some men on Craiglist who sexually harassed them by licking their pussy, touching them. It's all bad if you do a nude shoot and get paid for it. You will meet some annoying guys like Seaa if your trying to collect the money offered for the shoot.
Modeling is a strong ambition for a lot of girls due to what they see on the magazines, the internet, and social media.
by ChristianQueen June 11, 2018
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