Person 1: I say I like him, but he's actually a prick
Person 2: Yes, yes, i heard he's very thorny =p
Person 1: SJA!
by loverboySC October 5, 2008
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Sja is a great and fun person who doesnt like themselves that much but in other peoples eyes shes a amazing person she never gets treated right by guys and is a true fun person thats loyal and will be with you
who is that person there
thats Sja there
by Abtino is bestis March 31, 2022
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Social Justice Asshole.

More often than not tends to be part of a vocal minority that shares ridiculous and/or outlandish viewpoints and beliefs.

If you disagree with anything they say, they will promptly start throwing every word that ends in -ist and -phobic they know at you.

Often identifiable by the presence of a blue checkmark next to their name on the bird app.
"Do you have a Twitter account?"

"No, it's got SJAs crawling out of the woodwork all over the place."
by Anhilliator1 November 5, 2022
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