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When your computer freezes then starts playing an annoying sound over and over again, driving you so insane you decide to jump off a bridge with your computer in one hand and the manual in the other.
Person: "OMG! This ERROR not again!"
by Angry Salamander October 26, 2005

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Kill On Sight

If someone is KOS that means you devour them right when you see them no questions asked.
Level 126: "Sorry kid but your clan is KOS so I've got to kill you."
Noob: "But I just want to play the game man, come on I'm almost done with this quest..."
by Angry Salamander October 26, 2005

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A cool word used by cool people who are excellent at winning everything they do.

It means no.
Person 1: "You suck".
Person 1: "Haha".
Person 2: "Nuh uh".
Person 1: "Wow, your right man".
by Angry Salamander October 10, 2005

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Reply to anything that has made you think too hard or just weird.
Person 1: "This one time, at band camp..."
Person 2: "Ok then"
by Angry Salamander October 18, 2005

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When you get incredibly owned/raped/pwned/out skilled and then dizzled.

Person 1 "Haha owndizzled!"
Person 2 "Shut up"
by Angry Salamander September 03, 2005

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The perfect way to say hi to anyone and everyone, even complete strangers.
*Some guy walking down street with a knife driping with blood*
"Hi buddy!"
by Angry Salamander October 17, 2005

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When Pepsi or Coca-Cola comes out with a drink that the other competitor doesn't have.

Pepsi - Coca-Cola
Diet Pepsi - Diet Coke
Pepsi Vanilla - Vanilla Coke
Wild Cherry Pepsi - Cherry Coke
Pepsi Lime - Coke with Lime
Pepsi One - Coca-Cola Zero
There is no substitute for Coke, so there should not be another Cola War.
by Angry Salamander July 06, 2006

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